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Special notes on custom-made orders

(Please be sure to read before contacting us.)

The following is a summary of what we would like you to understand regarding made-to-order before placing order with us.

Our beads are produced by hand in developing Asian countries, so the production situation is different in many ways from the production by companies in Japan. Please read it and be aware of it before considering ordering.

About Quality

* The actual bead size may be slight different from the size you specify.

* Variations in size and shape occur even within one production lot (quantity unit produced at once in one production run).

* Furthermore, if the production lot is different , there will be differences not only in size and shape, but also in color tone.

* There may be slightly differences in the shape and color tone between the image or sample you showed us in advance and the finished product.

* There may be slightly differences between the sample created by the manufacturer and the finished product.

* The color of bead is made within the range of raw materials owned by the factory. In addition, since the color tone is checked through the monitor, the color tone may look different depending on the monitor. For these reasons, it is not possible to reproduce the exact color you want.

About Sample Making

*If you with to check the sample, you can check the sample in the image before starting production for a fee. If you wish to actual sample, we can send it to your place (shipping fee is separately charged).

・ The sample production cost is charged for each design (one type and one color) and each time. We work with the manufacturer until we judge that sample meets the customer's request or we judge that this is the best the manufacture can do for your design. After that we send the image of sample to you. This is the content of "one time" production of sample.

About Inspection after you receive the products :

* Please inspect the products within 7 days of arrival.

About Delivery Time

* There are many areas beyond our control from production to transportation. T The actual delivery date may exceed the delivery date presented by our shop at the time of contract.

* Cancellation due to delay is not be accepted.

* We are not responsible for any secondary damages caused by delays.

About Order Cancellation

* Since production at the manufacturer will start immediately after order placing, cancellation after the contract is made is not possible.

About Intellectual Property Rights in Design

*When we have a request for custom production from a customer, if the specified design is "a design that is suspected of already having intellecual property rights", we will refuse production or confirm the rights. Otherwise, we will act freely based on the judgment that "We are not subject to any intellectual property rights".

* In any case, we may produce more than the number of your orders and sell them at our shop.

*We may freely produce and sell the same product as the product made on customer's request at any time and as many as we want.

* We receive consultations and inquiries about "custom made of beads" from various customers daily, and we decide the design of the beads requested by customers on the premise that "There is no intellectual property right" with some exceptions (such as designs suspected of the existence of design registration, etc.). The same is true for all the beads sold not only in our shop but all over the world.

I understood the above then make an inquiry.